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Crickets, birds, dump trucks and me

I remember years ago on a summer night when our daughters were trying to fall asleep, one of them was having a hard time because the crickets were so noisy. And I remember explaining that the crickets were just doing what God designed them to do, they were just fulfilling their purpose, making that chirping sound. It may not have helped my daughter get over the noise and fall asleep but I remember thinking, how simple - just fulfill the purpose that God designed for you to do, and do it.

At an exercise class one morning recently, that was outside in the parking lot, there was an amazing song bird in the tree right behind me singing his heart out. And I thought, you go sweet birdie, sing your heart out, fulfill your purpose, sing your praises to God the One who created you.

A few months ago when I took our grandchildren to the park there was a bunch of construction going on just beyond the playground. And we were noticing the different color dump trucks coming and going. Emmey asked,, "Why do they leave? Where are they going?" And I said, "I'm not sure where they are going exactly, but they are doing what dump trucks do. They get filled up with dirt and then they drive to a place and dump out the dirt. They come back and do it all again." Fulfilling their purpose. Doing it well. Over and over again.

Me. My purpose: To bring glory to God by helping the overwhelmed know how to return to the source of JOY. Restore Buoyancy. That is my purpose in a nutshell, and then boiled down to two words.

I love when creation reminds me of my creator. When I can be aware, pay attention -- pause and give thanks, remember who my God is and then write it down so I don't forget. Thanks God for crickets, birds, and dump trucks. Thank you for purpose and help me find ways to consistently live it out, again and again and again.

What is your purpose? How are you doing at living it out? How do you remind yourself what it is?

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