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On your mark, get set, go!

I ran track in high school and before each race, we took our mark, got set and then the gun would fire and off we would go! I have a similar feeling today as I have launched my website and speaking/training ministry. There was a lot of excitement around pushing the button to make the site public and also some butterflies in my stomach, just like the beginning of those relay races. I am excited to see what opportunities open up for me, who I will meet and what we will discover together. I have had a lot of encouragement from friends cheering me on! And, I have dealt with self-doubt. I have done a lot of speaking, to lots of different types and sizes of audiences, that part I'm ok with. This marketing myself, and world of technology puts me way out of my comfort zone. And now... a blog?! Really? I am used to reading other peoples blogs not writing my own. And of course the blogs I have read, are amazing and I have never claimed to be an awesome writer.

I make no promises on how often I will write. I am used to writing in my journal every day, just between me and God, so writing for others to read is a new space for me. I have to say, it does feel good to not be stuck at the starting line. I am off and running!

Are you getting ready to start something new? Comment below with what it is, I would love to cheer you on!

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