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2018 is here

In the last blog post I wrote about trying to find a slogan or a theme for the year, and I had not yet picked mine. I am happy to report, I have settled on a theme. What is it? Ok, I'll share it.

Look Up! Live Loved!

Pretty simple. Simple to say, and remember, not always easy to do. The deal about picking a word or phrase for the year, it only needs to make sense to you. You can certainly explain it to others, but it is for you. To help motivate you, and focus you as the New Year moves on one day at a time.

As I am preparing to lead a workshop with my oldest daughter on January 13th I have been considering God's deep, abiding, steadfast love for me, for you. He loves you irrespective of anything you do or don't do. Living out of that kind of perfect, complete love then I can love others. It is freeing! And as I wrote in an earlier blog, it matters where we look! It matters where we set our gaze. I plan to fix my eyes on Jesus each and every day of this New Year! Let me know what slogan you pick.

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