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Pause. Breathe. Love.

These three words have come to have special meaning, and when lived out have great benefit. My daughter Kyla and I have had the privilege to design and deliver this workshop together. What fun it has been to present with her and learn from her.

In the workshop we explore these three simple words and the importance of practicing each one of them.


We explore the importance of taking a pause. A temporary stop or rest. What it would look like to practice sabbath rest like God commanded us. We also talk about how important it is to practice pausing before passing judgement, before assuming, before accusing, before speaking harshly. It is also good to take pause - take in a lovely sunset, a smiling baby, a full moon. Slow down and notice and give thanks.


There are many benefits of taking a deep, full cleansing breath. It lowers our blood pressure, lessens our anxiety, and decreases our heart rate. Of course we take breathing for granted, but how often do we truly get a full, deep breath? With intentionality and practice we can get better at this and be better for it.


We seem to forget just how much we are loved by the God who made us. We may "know" it, but we gloss over the depth and height and length and width of it. We forget just how perfect and complete and steadfast His love is. That we have done nothing to deserve His love. And when we take time to remember just how much He loves us, we can then love others well.

Here is what one participant said after attending the workshop:

"Learning how to pause, rest and breathe in the love of God, live loved and as a result, offer love. This is the focus of a wonderful time I recently spent refreshing my knowledge of God’s love for each of us, sharing love with other women, digging deeper into my own heart and learning how to breathe through the rough patches.

I went to this workshop created and led by Amy and Kyla stressed and battered by life, feeling inadequate and broken. I left with tools to welcome joy back into my heart and head, with confidence to know God loves me right where I am. I learned it’s sometimes as simple as Pause, take a deep breath to clear my mind and open my heart to love all around me.

On a side note, don’t be afraid to attend this workshop by yourself … I did this not really knowing any other women yet I found comfort in hearing their stories and in turn was comfortable sharing my own concerns and stresses. God created us to love and encourage one another … and that’s what happens in this setting.

If you want to learn how to embrace life right where you are … attend Pause, Breathe, Love and learn to live each day enveloped in God’s grace and love." - Susan

I am thankful for those who have participated with us in these workshops and look forward to more opportunities. If you are interested in attending one of these workshops or hosting one in your area, please contact me. I hope you are able to take time each day to Pause. Breathe. and Love.

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