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Yardwork and discipleship

I trudge out to the backyard, maybe today is the day I will get after some much needed weeding and trimming. Why do I wait so long to do this task? I gave it some thought and here are some of the reasons:

* Lack of motivation

* I don't have the right tools

* I just don't want to

* I'd rather do other things

How does this relate to our time in God's word and prayer and discipleship?

Do we lack motivation? We can pray for God to give us a desire and a hunger for his word. And I have found my motivation increases when I can look forward to sharing what I have learned with a friend. (discipleship)

Is it a lack of the necessary tools? Today I went next door and asked my neighbor if I could borrow a pair of clippers. Perhaps you need the help of an app like First 5 or a study Bible that helps with some of the history and application questions. Try something new if you are in a rut or having trouble getting started. Ask a friend, what tools do you like to use when reading the Bible? Or what method do you use? Ash them to show you how.

Is it just a matter of obedience? When I just don't want to, it is a good time to ask why not? Is there some unconfessed sin that once you have asked for forgiveness and repented you will want to dig into God's word again with fresh eyes?

Sometimes it is just a matter of priority. I'd rather read a book on my porch then trim the trees that have sprouted up and taken over areas of my backyard. And sometimes when it comes to spending time reading God's word and praying I don't have my priorities in order. I don't keep first things first. I know the benefits of putting God first, of spending time with Him first thing in the morning and stopping throughout the day to pause and pray. Kind of like I know it is easier to keep up with the weeds a little bit at a time instead of waiting until it looks like a jungle and I am overwhelmed with the size of the task. When I am intentional and make it a priority I am always thankful for having taken the time to sit with Jesus and read HIs word.

And here is one more lesson I have learned. Sometimes, I don't know what to do and need a friend with more experience and know how to help me out. I have a friend who loves to do landscaping and is very good at it. It is her passion and she has offered to help me with a portion of my yard that I have struggled to maintain over the years. And instead of just telling me what to do, she is going to help tackle the overgrown area with me. And isn't that exactly what discipleship is? We pair up with someone who may or may not know more than we do, but certainly can help walk alongside of us as we read God's word and apply it to our daily lives. Perhaps they have a passion for prayer and you are just learning how to pray and they can pray with you. It sure makes gardening and walking with Jesus more fun when we have a friend alongside of us.

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