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Ponder - Marvel - Pray

I called my mom yesterday on my way to exercise at the gym and we chatted for just a few minutes. She was sitting in her favorite spot, her rocking chair for her morning devotional time. She said to me, "I am just pondering this gorgeous white iris I have in front of me." And then we went on to discuss that she is really good at pondering which leads her to marvel at God's handiwork and His character which then leads her to pray. Those three things seem to go together. As we take time to ponder, consider, think deeply it often leads to being amazed, in awe, marveling at what we see, hear, and experience. And the next action is to pray. To say thank you to our Father in Heaven, praise Him for who he is; able, good, our deliverer, our burden bearer, healer, redeemer, friend (and so much more) , and talk to him on behalf of those we love for what they may need.

Spring is an easy time for me to marvel. I am amazed every year at how the Hosta plants around my home come back without any help from me. They survived the harsh winter covered by snow and then there they are green and healthy poking through the ground. And I love watching the ferns unfurl a little bit more every day. And the tiny buds emerge on the trees and then pretty soon there are leaves. Amazing!

And of course we just finished celebrating Easter. Talk about plenty to ponder. That God would go to such lengths to pay for my sin and make a way for me to have life with him now and forever. That Jesus would choose to go all the way to the cross and die for me. And 3 days later the tomb would be empty and sin and death would be conquered, and that this very day, Jesus Lives! Amazing! Incredible!

It seems to me that being able to ponder and marvel and pray takes some intentionality and being willing to slow down. We miss a lot of the little things when we go about our busy lives, moving at such a fast pace. And it sure helps when you have someone to share it with. Thanks mom for sharing the call with me this morning and the beauty of the white iris. And thanks for praying for me so faithfully all these years!

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